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Keep your food ready and rationed

In any disaster food is of upmost importance when it comes to survival. Whether if all of the nearby supermarkets have vanished or you are stranded – protecting food and preserving supplies is crucial.

Knowing how to pressurize, seal and protect jars and various containers will prolong the expiration of the item stored inside. Keep your food fresh and eat well because there are also preparation and cooking strategies involved with canning and preserving your food. Enjoy the tasty recipes we have included such as our carrots and tomatoes.

People want to be prepared in case of an emergency and acquisition of food will always be of the utmost importance.

Some of them prefer to raid the super markets and get their hands on any form of tin can they can lay their hands on, store it in the basement and leave it there to be used when and if it ever became necessary. While this might be an easy and expedient solution, it’s neither the healthiest, nor the tastiest, nor the best thing for your finances. Especially if you face medical conditions that would make the consumption of salt a dangerous proposition.

In it you will find everything you need to know. From the procedures to prepare food to be stored for quite a long period of time, to the safety precautions and measures required to do it safely and with food that’s edible, to quite a number of recipes for preparing this food to your liking.

You will also find out which foods are good to undergo these procedures and which ones are not and why, along with the proper storage conditions that will allow you to maintain your produce and edible goods.

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  • Canning: History and development
  • Foods that can be canned
  • Foods that cannot be canned
  • Canning preparations and methods
  • Hazards and precautions
  • Recipes


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